Women’s Bone Health

Women's Bone Health

Treatment of bone disorders including due to alcohol, Celiac disease, hypothyroidism and prior eating disorders, require a holistic approach to maintain and gain bone mass. Osteoporosis or its cousin osteopenia are age-related but can also be due to other medical conditions 50% of the time. Some of these disorders are not easy to detect and can be life-threatening. The year after a hip fracture is a dangerous time where as much as 20% of people die. About 57% of people who left the hospital after a hip fracture were not told that they had osteoporosis and 36% hadn’t received a prescription for it. A striking 64% of people who were discharged after a hip fracture only had calcium and vitamin D as treatment. We can do better! Treatment can include administration of drugs changes in exercise and diet to improve bone strength and to avoid unnecessary bone loss as well as modifications to flexibility and balance to avoid falls.


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October 1, 2021