Thyroid Disease

Hashimoto’s thyroiditis/Hypothyroidism

Treatment for brain fog, body aches, changes in weight associated with hypothyroidism improve quality of life. For many people, the diagnosis of hypothyroidism begins a journey of unexplained weight changes, fluid changes, fatigue, and changes in body image. Hypothyroidism can set up a cascade of hormonal changes in the body that lead to worse health and worse quality of life. Silent changes to bone, muscle, nerves, and the brain make life harder. Add to this that hypothyroidism often comes during the childbearing years when fertility is important and you can see how thyroid health is linked to emotional, mental and physical health.


Treatment for the biological and emotional complications of too much thyroid hormone in the blood can avoid loss of fertility, muscle mass, and increases in anxiety and bone loss. Hyperthyroidism can truly be life-threatening. The complications include heart failure, cardiomyopathy, and sudden arrhythmias, that can threaten cardiovascular stability. Treatment for the underlying cause, either Graves’ disease or a toxic nodule, (less commonly medications), can prevent bone loss, muscle mass, changes in nerves and the brain, all complications that can lower the quality of a person’s life.


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October 22, 2021