Women’s Hormonal Health

Hormonal health

Treatment for the consequences of excess testosterone or decrease in estrogen levels and changes in menstruation can impact fertility and other bodily changes brought on by endocrine conditions. Women suffer from several complications of dis-regulated hormones: it can lead to distressing hair growth, irregular menstrual periods, excessive bleeding, infertility and changes in their body shape and morphology. The changes that happen as a result of endocrine conditions, which are not the fault of the person, require medications and changes in diet and exercise to help control and alleviate the burden of disease. In addition, the physical, mental and emotional changes of menopause, can cause significant morbidity including insomnia, central weight gain, worsening arthritis, changes in memory, changes in mood, irritability, and other distressing symptoms that can up-end a woman’s professional and personal life.


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October 1, 2021